ONE LOOOOOOVE EP -pre-order-


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A1. Eleonora
A2. Crystal Cave
A3. Stoner Doner
B1. Warm Gate
B2. Tap Water
B3. Grand Delux

Following up some big recent tunes on Noire & Blanche and Scruniversal Tunes, Juravlove is back with more party starting and sample-heavy jams. These are DJ and dancer-friendly tunes suited to a range of settings. First up classic vocal samples define the fresh beats of 'Eleonora' then 'Crystal Cave' is all silky disco loops and 'Stoner Doner' slips into a sunset vibe for beach parties and open-air dancing. There is more of heady feel to the deep house grooves of 'Warm Gate' while 'Tap Water' goes for the peak time and the EP highlight comes at the end with 'Grand Delux'.

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