label:DISCOM (MKD)


A1. Moje Cake
A2. Rokenrol Štipaljke
A3. Studentski San
A4. Vladina Gitara
B1. Pogrešan Broj
B2. Žuljaš Me
B3. Bora Klej
B4. Frizerka Nada

In collaboration with Croatian label Sareni Ducan, Discom proudly presents an official reissue of a very rare self-titled album of Yugoslavian 80s funk band Boom Selekcija.

Boom Selekcija was a short-living group of musicians from Belgrade, active from 1979 to 1983. They recorded their debut and only album for the label Diskos in 1983 and after that disbanded. The line-up included musicians from Boban Petrovics backing band and Silva Delovska from Kim Band on vocals. The quality of recorded material and the complete lack of information about the band set them as a cult act among DJs and crate diggers. This is one of the albums which makes you ask What is this? when you hear it, but nobody around could tell you an honest answer.

A side of the record begins with a track called Moje Cake (eng. My Tricks). It is a groovy theme with mellow vocals-a story of the poser who thinks he is very interesting. The same groove continues in the song Rokenrol Štipaljke (Rock And Roll Easy Girls) where friends are preparing for a crazy go out in a discotheque. It ends in a Balearic atmosphere in the songs Studentski San ( eng. A Students Dream)- a song about dreaming luxurious life on the Adriatic coastline) and Vladina Gitara (eng. Vlads guitar)-a nice dreamy guitar instrumental in the 70s Yugoslavian style.

Equally groovy and interesting B side portrays naive and charming 80s Belgrade: discotheques, parties, girls, tough guys, urban stories about real-common people and their destinies all packed with such style and grace like you are in New York City suburbs in the late 70s and enjoy perfect funk/soul musicianship. In this sense, you can hear: amazing slap bass by Vladan Mracic in the song Zuljas Me ( eng. You Are Going To My Nerves); cool funky guitar licks by Aleksandar Stefanovic in the song Bora Klej; authentic soul singing style of Mile Perisic and beautiful electric piano solo of Oliver Polak in song Frizerka Nada (eng. Nada, The Hairdresser) and convincing funk rhythm drumming by Zoran SImovski all way through.

This record will remain a significant point for investigating Yugoslavian funk history and it will be welcomed on every dance floor in the world that favors lesser-known grooves. We hope that we will manage to bring it closer to the younger audience and show how people used to live and have a good time in Belgrade and Yugoslavia.

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