artist:CRAZY P


label:2020VISION (UK)


Side 1
1."Open 4 Service"
2."Your Dark Energy"
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Following on from 2008°«s critically acclaimed Stop, Space, Return, Crazy P return for their fifth studio album When We On, released September 27th through Smoke N°≠Mirrors (North America).

Alongside the wealth of brilliant remixes they have served up recently, When We On shows how far Crazy P have come since 2008. Whether it°«s the anthemic °∆Beatbox°«, with its freeform acapella work, grinding Prince—style guitar and haunting strings, the reflective °∆Eruption°«, driven on by a rave piano figure and lead singer Danielle Moore°«s plaintive cry of °»Let me be the one you run to°… or, at the other end of the scale, the Detroit techno-esque °∆Sonar°«, with its increasingly frenetic payoff, this is an album packed full of potential singles. They might be crazy, but they sure know where the tunes are located.

°»With Stop Space Return we wrote the majority of that as a band,°… explains Jim Baron. °»For this, we decided to strip it back to me and Toddy (Chris Todd. Guitar/Keys) writing with Danielle. We gave Danielle the Loop Station and she°«s really taken to it. You can layer vocals, you can hear harmonies immediately, so she can jam along with us now. It shaped a lot of the vocal sound for the album. There°«s a tune called °∆We Can Only Be Who Are°« which has big vocal layering, and there°«s a lot of that. It°«s probably a bit more°ń grown-up.°…

Chris expands on the theme: °»We had quite a big year last year for lots of different reasons and we had difficulties too and I think a lot of the writing came out of that. It°«s a little bit more reflective and thoughtful than previous albums.°…

For Danielle, it°«s been a revelation in the way they work. °»It was back to basics,°… she says. °»I°«d have a go on the keyboards using two fingers or I°«d have a go on the drum machine. It was like being at school or in a huge sandpit where you°«ve been given loads of buckets to muck about with. We had a loop station as well which I°«ve always been nervous of and this time it was like right let me have a go of this and it allowed me to record my vocals.°…

For Danielle, the album narrative is the camaraderie between its protagonists. °»Their friendship came through in creating this album. The way we worked created a lot of intimacy between us and a definite warmth to the album.°…

Despite the suggestions of melancholy from the band, and they certainly know how to emote when the moment°«s right, they haven°«t forgotten how to party. °»We°«re open for service, we°«re open for love,°… sings Danielle. Crazy, but true.

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