FOLK REMEDY ANTHEMS 1 & 2(2x12 inch) -pre-order-


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A1 "Aurora 2004" (Calm Present KF's Re-touch)
B1 "Beast In Batuque"
B2 "Spirit In Tala"
C1 "Night Stream"
C2 "Kesarian"
D1 "In Dope Rhythms"
D2 "Calling Spirit"

The label returns to Japan, presenting a 2 x 12 Double Pack limited edition of the music of Kaoro Inoue in a compilation of his ethno-spiritual inspired Ambient, House and Techno soundscapes.

An extreme music lover in his own words, Inoue followed a youth discovering music via the likes of Yellow Magic Orchestra and non-Western sounds, learning to play via punk bands before progressing to DJ culture after an introduction to Acid Jazz and Rare Groove in the late 80s. Inspired by the likes of Soul II Soul, this journey soon led to purchasing a first sampler and synth, releasing early forays in Abstract-Jazz and Trip-Hop, then going on to immerse himself in House Music after hearing the likes of discoid labels such Discfunction and Nuphonic.

While starting his Seeds and Ground label in 2003 – initially as a sub label for the cult-like Crue-L Reords – serving as a place for musical freedom, his Chari Chari project has been a moniker of self-expression for almost 30 years.

Folk Remedy Anthems draws on two digital only releases, pushing a belief, mixing organic traditional instruments with Ambient Dub, House and New Age elements all underpinned with Inoues spiritual outlook. To open this Double Pack, the 11-minute anthropological awakening of Calms wonderful retake of the classic Aurora to the samba exaltations of Beast in Batuque and deep dub raga of Spirit in Tala, this collection is truly global.

Night Stream is the possible release highlight, a distillation of the Chari Chari oeuvre, evoking mildew sunrises and smokers hazy days, leading to Kesarian and the aptly named In Dope Rhythms. Exploring beautifully distilled live afro-percussives they wind to closing, where the uplifting Ambient House reflections of Calling Spirit closes this chapter of Mysticisms releases with a look, again, to the horizon.

Call the Mystery.

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