I FEEL FUNKY (7inch) -pre-order-


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A. "I Feel Funky" (3:04)
B. "Talkin' Talkin'" (4:42)

Matata were formed in Kenya in 1963, laying down their grooves in Nairobi's Brilliant Club before going on to record two albums in London in the early 70s. Both Air Fiesta and Independence are perfect nuggets of Afro-funk, but alas Matata were reportedly homesick and they disbanded to return home. Their short-lived legacy lives on though, and now Dynamites Cuts have turned to their second album to present two of the hottest joints on a cool and deadly 7". 'I Feel Funky' is one of the band's biggest hits, while on the flip we're treated to 'Talkin Talkin' - you can't say funkier than that really, can you?

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