GUPTA TRIBES (2LP) -pre-order-

label:SINDH (EU)

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A1. "Ashvamedha"
A2. "Madrakas"
B1. "Spyres"
B2. "ZeroInfiny"
C1. "Ujjain"
C2. "Scythians"
D1. "Ayaka System"
D2. "Mukund Dara"

Sindh is a project from Louis Rapet which focuses on utilising modular synths and real percussion types to create the ambient spaces and complex grooves that we love so much. 'Gupta Tribes', his first album, is inspired by an old civilization living in India long ago and with it Rapet tries to catch onto the atmospheres of a period where religion and sacred rites represent a big part of the people's lives. There's still a good spread of moods across the eight tracks, from the lively, tribal momentum of 'Sycthians', and 'Spyres', not a million miles from the majesty of KLF's Pure Trance series, to the swampy echoes of 'Ayaka System'.

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