label:BLUE NOTE (US)


A1. Yazz Ahmed - "It"
A2. Conor Albert - "You Make Me Feel So Good"
A3. Parthenope - "Don't Know Why"
A4. Swindle - "Miss Kane"
B1. Nubiyan Twist - "Through The Noise"
B2. Ego Ella May - "Morning Side Of Love"
B3. Oscar Jerome - "Green With Envy"
B4. Daniel Casimir - "Lost" (feat Rita Moran)
C1. Theon Cross - "Epistrophy"
C2. Maya Delilah - "Harvest Moon"
C3. Kay Young - "Feel Like Making Love"
C4. Venna & Marco - "Where Are We Going"
D1. Reuben James - "Infant Eyes"
D2. Binker Golding - "Fort Worth"
D3. Cherise - "Sunrise"
D4. Franc Moody - "Cristo Redentor"

You may have caught the striking quality of Ego Ella May and Theon Cross' lead single for Blue Note Re:imagined II, and now the full compilation has arrived. For such a long-standing, heritage label, Blue Note have recognised the renewed moment jazz is having and responded with an exciting look into those artists forging new paths. Given the importance of tradition and roots within jazz, it's fascinating to see how a new generation tackle totemic works from Blue Note's gargantuan history. From Nubiyan Twist to Conor Albert, Maya Delilah to Reuben James, the featured artists serve as a crucial primer of what's good in jazz right now, and the hit rate is high from start to finish.

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