label:TLFT (UK)


A. Phantasmata
B1. Instruction Through Metaphor
B2. Basic Trajectory

Telfort makes a return with a fifth stellar EP via TLFT, comprising three potent and sophisticated deep house cuts. °∆Phantasmata°« provides that wholesome rhodes deepness of Telfort°«s, placing itself firmly in the middle of the floor with its driving grooves and tight bass stabbery, while it°«s sprinkled with elegantly phrased euphoric plucks, unfolding into earworm territory. On the flip, the machine-heavy °∆Instruction Through Metaphor°« elevates you into the stratosphere with its astral textures and discordant rhythmic slap. Classy as ever, deft dusty sample cutting and alluring melodic warmth radiates for the journey. Title track °∆Basic Trajectory°« pulls no punches and closes out the EP with a reduced and self-assured sound. It°«s a fast-acting dose of stomping house that evolves into a blissful and uplifting trip—a restorative place you will want to return to enough times that you might consider it a classic in time. Since 2015 and with an ostensible sense of precision, Telfort continues to subtly modify the house music blueprint with this sporadic yet impactful emblem.

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