Crosstown Rebels
artist:GREG FOAT




1. "Baby Boy"
2. "Tropical Love"
3. "Above The Clouds"
4. "Underwater Fantasy"
5. "Psychosynthesis" (part 1)
6. "Artic Cavern"
7. "Psychosynthesis" (part 2)
8. "The Green Odyssey"
9. "Riding Into Battle"
10. "The Investigation"
11. "World Of Tiers"
12. "Subterranean Lake"
13. "Fatherhood"
14. "Crystal Gardens"

Greg Foat is something of a musical polymath, with his various solo and collaborative albums touching on everything from spiritual jazz, library music and soundtrack sounds, to Balearic beats, jazz-funk and deep house. On Psychosynthesis, his first solo set for two years, he largely keeps things warm, chilled and dreamy, joining the dots between horizontal jazz-funk, exotica, Balearica, and sensuous sun-down sounds with the aid of a vast battery of analogue and modular synthesizers. The results are predictably impressive, with the album's many highlights including the spacey, slo-mo shuffle of 'Underwater Fantasy', the throbbing, Sun Palace-esque starry jazz-funk of 'Psychosynthesis (Part 1)', the gaseous ambient drift of 'The Green Odyssey' and the Wally Badarou style warmth of 'The Investigation'.

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