label:YORE (GER)


1. Better Daze 07:42
2. Your Time 05:51
3. Dance 07:28
4. Inner Monologue 07:35

We return with the second Glenn Davis°… 12°…, a year on from his last Yore twelve-inch °»Soul On My Side°…, Dublin-based DJ and producer Glenn Davis returns with its sequel, the as-stellar Better Daze. The EP's melodic, soulful sound. The dynamic title cut locks in instantly with a pumping kick drum and builds layer by layer thereafter. Percussion, hi-hats, electric piano chords, and synthesizers add to the thrust of the production as it grows ever more urgent. As the track advances, Davis drapes a jazzy keyboard solo across the booming base as the swing swells to a near-ecstatic level. °»Your Time°… rounds out the A-side with a cut that suggests pure energy at its outset before quickly morphing into a sleek house strut. With percussion included and late-night synth atmospherics folded in, the breezy tune starts to sound like something you'd hear banging out on the Dancefloor thats surrounding you. On the flip, Davis brings the skipping house groove of "Inner Monologue°… to a fever while. Moody chords, hand drums, and a snappy groove set the scene. The female vocalist's soulful delivery and vibes-like earworm that make the tune the standout it is. Think of a dark Room and a red light bulb & House Music forever and a day.


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