Athens of the North




1 Total Terror
2 A Decade
3 Rebels In Afghanistan
4 Eternal
5 Developing Suicide
6 Black Fluid
7 Falling There
8 All You Do
9 Seeing Is Believing
10 Empty Walls
11 Enemy Number One
12 On The Cross
13 Freedom
14 Distorted Vision
15 Cleanser
16 Persecution

Total Terror is the second of two self-released cassette tapes by EBM-industrial act Front Line Assembly. At this point, Bill Leeb was the band's only dedicated member, with some help from Rhys Fulber. Most of the original cassette was remixed and remastered to be commercially released on CD in 1993 as Total Terror 1. This edition added three previously-unreleased bonus tracks from other old sessions: "Freedom", "Distorted Vision" and "Cleanser. The original recordings of these songs were done in 1986 using nothing more than a four track recording system. This would be quite primitive for today's standards and sound quality will not be so effective, however the ideas are all there letting us enjoy some of the first songs created by Front Line Assembly. Deluxe re-release including all tracks from Total Terror 1 plus the rare song Eternal and some bonus taken from old compilations. Limited pressing of 500 copies with double vinyl record, deluxe gatefold sleeve and new vintage artwork.

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