DEEPSIDE EP (2x12inch) -pre-order-


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A1. "Prelusion" (7:08)
B1. "Heart Of Space" (5:26)
C1. "Goodluck" (4:15)
C2. "Get On Your Own Way" (Hypnose mix) (5:13)
D1. "Get On Your Own Way" (Trance mix) (5:20)
D2. "Diipside" (5:33)

F Comms is one of techno 's most influential early labels and its 25th anniversary reissue series is reminding us why. Next up to get a second time in the spotlight is Deepside's self titled EP from 1992. Deepside was Guy Rabiller and Ludovic Navarre. It's a blistering one, too, with twitchy synths over hulking great kick drums. Rave stabs and twisted basslines all bring that old school energy, while 'Get On Your Own Way' (Trance mix) is a nice one to get lost in when you're coming up. All tracks are mixed by Ludovic Navarre himself, who is if course best known as St Germain, so the quality is superbly high.

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