LA RITOURNELLE -pre-order-


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A1. "La Ritournelle"
A2. "La Ritournelle" (Mr Dan Magic Wand mix)
B1. "La Ritournelle" (Gilligan Moss mix)
B2. "La Ritournelle" (Tony Allen bonus Beat)

Almost two decades have now passed since the release of Sebastien Tellier's most iconic single, 'La Ritournelle' - a stunning, stirring, string-drenched favourite in which fluid pianos, sweeping orchestration and Tellier's eyes-closed vocals ride a typically loose-limbed Tony Allen drumbeat. This reissue pairs the peerless original mix with two 2003 remixes of the cut and a rare 'bonus beat' version that showcases Allen's incredible polyrhythmic drum track. Mr Dan's remix gives the track a slight psychedelic dream-pop vibe - throwing in a few subtle audio references to Smile-era Beach Boys for good measure - while retaining most of the original instrumentation, while the Gilligan Moss interpretation replaces Allen's drumming with a fuzzy, low-slung dub disco groove and a smattering of analogue synth sounds. One of those records that everyone should own a copy of.

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