WINDOW OF TIME (LP) -pre-order-


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A1. "Window Of Time" (3:39)
A2. "Stratagem/Predator" (2:39)
A3. "Guardians Of The Threshold" (interlude I) (2:35)
A4. "Year 2092" (3:15)
B1. "The Ivory Tower" (2:49)
B2. "Kosmos" (2:48)
B3. "Altar" (interlude II) (2:30)
B4. "The Master Of Electricity" (2:25)
B5. "Elegy" (3:49)

Tsampikos Fronas is June, and on this fresh new LP for Artificial Dance he rather sips away from the dance sounds of his earlier career. The material here was recorded between 2018 and 2020 by the Berlin based innovator and it is an exploration of more sparse soundscapes than previously. It has a cyber punk feel and dystopian overtone with each track filled with tension and plenty of nods to sci-fi movie soundtracks. It is all crafted from analogue sequencers and analogue polyphonic synths as well as modular synthesizers which lend it an ice cold rhythm and haunting sense of futurism.

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