ENJOY YOUR SELF EP3 -pre-order-


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A1. Akio Nagase - "Mbira Dub"
A2. Akira Arasawa & Ground - "Multi Gud Z"
B1. Akira Arasawa - "Dolphin"
B2. Saeko Killy - "Dancing Pikapika"

Osaka based label Chillmountain's retrospective continues with Enjoy Your Self 3, as their deep, dubby and psychedelic electronic productions are examined and presented again on Especial's spin off label, Specials. Star of both Chillmountain and now Especial (EES038 / EES042), Akio Nagase introduces possibly the stand-out track from the whole series with his Dub Techno meets Kalimba, Mbira Dub. A Basic Channel deep groove is twisted and mixed with pure Zimbabwe idiophone rhythm, the live Mbira bringing melody against bongos and cheeky repetitive vox for the ultimate dub house shuffle. Label stars Akira Arasawa and Ground come together for a special one-off discoid beatdown. Acid bass, Fourth World samples, trippy fx and whistles'n' chants all lead to a psychedelic pot of chugging discoid heaven. Akira Arasawa then goes solo with Dolphin, a driving club cut of wide and deep "proporpoises". His move from shamanic Psy-Trance to slower beats complete, creating a space inbetween of dub beats. A head down, basement joy. Things slow to a Dancing Pikapika, as 'Tokyo to Berlin' based DJ, vocalist and producer Saeko Killy closes EP3. With a recent appearance on the ever-essential Sameheads club's compilation series and music upcoming with Sofa elsewhere (Emotional Response / Music From Memory), her closer is a leftfield, new wave turn of groovy, catchy, pop and acid bubbles.

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