A1. "Smokey"
A2. "Smokey" (The Pilotwings' Future Sound Of Lyon remix)
B1. "Glint AM"
B2. "Glint AM" (DJ Normal 4 Vibemixx)

Especial returns to Alphonse's masterpiece with a 2022 repress of this EP of afro-dub-house to basement breaks, backed by imperious remixes from then rising stars The Pilotwings and DJ Normal 4. While Alphonse debut techno-breaks-poem Same For Me came with its own soliloquy of life and the transcendental mediations of dance. Head-scratching and indifference ensued as the EP, backed with Junior Fairplay's monstrous-amen remix, slipped by all but the most 'switched on' heads - thanks Zaltan! Now back, but still keeping to the shadows, with more sound system shaking cuts via the afro leaning Smokey and breaks pump of Glint AM. Smokey is a true heir to a unique British take on House. Congas, bongos, kick, dub bass lines and chants riding twisted fx - a true Warriors Dance. Next Glint AM takes things back. Skipping hats atop an 808 throb before Detroit inspired strings and Akai vocals await a Mayday bass to lift hands and hearts. This is no pastiche but born of life's love and experience, of misty mornings, standing on beaten up trucks, arms a lot, higher and higher. Time then to hand remixing duties to rising brothers from other mothers. The Pilotwings retake of Smokey shows a crew at the height of their powers, stripping the beats back to allow time and space to ascend - letting it all float away. Things are closed by - one to watch - DJ Normal 4. An old head at heart, member of Cologne's Aiwo Records and name to check, his deeper take on Glint AM includes a nod to the atmospherics of Biosphere and Leiner while keeping things, always, always, always looking to the future.


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