artist:BIG YAWN

PRESSURE ACTS -pre-order-


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A1. "Sharehouse Stovetop"
A2. "Surf Dive N Ski"
A3. "Ragazzo"
B1. "Pressure Acts"
B2. "Precise Packets"
B3. "T3"

Big Yawn make experimental electronic music by fusing a wash of sweeping synthesizers, heavily refracted vocal sampling, motorik style percussion and disorientating dub FX. Their latest studio release 'Pressure Acts' creates a space where breaks compete with live drums compete with drones. Relentless pummelling bass lines and kinetic dub FX come standard. Big Yawn's energetic and unrelenting live performances create a definitive impression on this release. The sonic textures in the record are lush, stoned, frenetic and fun. The music is sinister yet also tongue-in-cheek — Phil Collins and Slipknot may have even been sampled. The first single 'Ragazzo' is ideal for joy rides in HSVs and/or flaunting at the local disco parlor - a dank blend of YMO style pop hooks, driving bass, delicate synths, and a robotic pulse. 'Pressure Acts' by Big Yawn is a joint release brought to you by Heavy Machinery Records and Research Records.

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