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A. Time Lapse 05:25
B1. Interested In It
B2. Detectors

Sound Of Vast welcomes Shinichiro Yokota back with new EP, °∆Time Lapse°«, comprised of three originals from the Tokyo artist. Tokyo born and raised Shinichiro Yokota has been recording his unique twist on electronic music since the early eighties, after meeting fellow Japanese artist Soichi Terada in 1987 his career began to flourish and subsequent releases surfaced on his and Terada°«s own Far East Recordings from the 90°«s onwards. Here, following his °∆Ultimate Yokota 1991 – 2019°« compilation on the label in 2019, Shinichiro returns to Sound Of Vast with this new EP, selection of cuts from the forthcoming album "Tokonoma Style", a project composed using a selection of vintage synthesizers such as AKAI's old sampler S1100, KORG M1, and PROPHET-5, which were actually used in the early 1990s. It's a full album with 12 tracks. These three tracks will be presented for the first time on vinyl via Sound Of Vast. Title-track °∆Time Lapse°« leads and in typical Yokota fashion treats up to euphoric house keys, breathy vocals and intricate swinging drums alongside brass licks, tension building strings and wandering synth sequences. °∆Interested In It°« follows next, shifting focus towards choppy distorted bass tones, an amalgamation of bright, resonant synth tones and stripped back drums before °∆Detectors°« rounds out the release, employing eighties tinged bass and plucked synth tones, vocoder voices and dreamy, ethereal textures.

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