label:NETWORK (UK)


A1. Nexus 21 - Silicon (Don't Need The Bleep Mix)
A2. 10th Planet - Strings Of Life (Octave One Remix)
B1. Doggy - Neurosilence
B2. Mark Archer - The Presence of Beauty (Reprise)

* taken from the digital version of bio-rhythm 3 and not included on the vinyl version of the album. Network°«s two groundbreaking bio-rhythm albums in 1990 were each accompanied by much loved 12°… preview samplers of tracks from the iconic compilations. For the third release - a mere 31 years after the first sets - Network have added a fresh twist. The sampler this time around contains 2 tracks from the bio-rhythm 3 vinyl release and 2 that will only be otherwise available on digital format. It makes the sampler a must have for all electronica vinyl junkies. Nexus 21 °»Silicon°…, a mainstay of the duo°«s much acclaimed live sets, was recorded in 1991 but not released at the time. Memories are thin as it why such a gem was ignored but the most probable explanation is that the transformation of Nexus 21 into Altern 8 took attention away from the track. After being found in the tape vaults it has been remastered for the bio-rhythm 3 project. It is joined on side A by the Octave One remix of 10th Planet °»Strings Of Life°… - which is not on the album vinyl. There is a proper labyrinthe story behind this remake of the Rhythim Is Rhythim classic of classics. Kool Kat, the predecessor to Network, arranged for Rhythim Is Rhythim to play live supporting Inner City at a London Town And Country Club concert in September 1989. The label recorded the show which featured Derrick May and his guest Carl Craig. Fast forward to 1995 and the tapes were handed over to Ashley Beedle to reconstruct and remix for a release on Network under Ashley°«s 10th Plane moniker, . On to 2003 and Network°«s Neil Rushton was running the suSU label where an attempt to record a vocal of Strings Of Life with none other than Shara Nelson on vocals was made using the 10th Planet parts. That never came to completion, but at the time Neil was working with Octave One and they conjured up this recreation, which has only ever been previously released as a track on a suSU compilation. FIRST TIME ON VINYL ANYWHERE FOR THIS AMAZING VERSION OF °»STRINGS OF LIFE°…. °»Neurosilence°… - Doggy is previously unreleased recording by Birmingham°«s Peter Duggal. His bleep classic °»Labyrinthine°… would have been totally at home on Kool Kat/Network and in recent months both label and artist have both been shaking their heads as to how it didn°«t happen. The release of the stark °»Neuroslince°… finally sees an 0121 alliance bond together. The 4th track °»In The Presence Of Beauty°… is taken from the digital release of bio-rhythm 3 and is a truly beautiful °»Reprise°… take on the version on the vinyl album.


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