NOOD 5 -pre-order-


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A1. Ossia - "Drum Tangle" (5:25)
A2. Pessimist - "The Price Of Oil" (6:08)
A3. Katatonic Silentio - "Static Whip" (6:29)
B1. Cleyra - "Twined" (5:25)
B2. Valesuchi - "Autopoietic Unboxing" (6:27)
B3. Epsilove & Ployer Fower - "Auguries Of Innocence" (6:16)

Since launching six years ago, Bristol radio station Noods has become something of an online institution, with pleasingly experimental-minded shows from local music heads being joined by essential guest shows from up-and-coming DJs and producers from around the world. Earlier this year they finally launched their own label, which aims to showcase new talent, and here deliver a superb mini-album that was initially intended to drop on the station's fifth birthday. There's much to enjoy, from the murky, dub-wise percussion-fest that is Ossia's 'Drum Tangle' and the break-neck, post-jungle insanity of 'Static Whip' by Katatonic Silencio, to the psychedelic ambience of Ployer Fower's 'Aguries of Innocence' and the gently melodious, sub-heavy shuffle of Cleyra's 'Twined'.

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