Crosstown Rebels




1 Infinite
2 Back To You
3 Remember
4 Tidal
5 First Memory
6 Traces
7 Within
8 You Were Bigger Than Life
9 Don't Worry, It's Okay

Jasper Wijnands known for his stage name Shook has embraced the unique mixture of acoustic & electronic tones in his third album °∆Continuum.°« This record is very intimate and well balanced between his melodic piano work and his synthesizer sound. The record is a big departure from his earlier funky synth-pop styles and it shows a more space themed, ambient, melancholic side of Wijnands work. Highlights on this record are the upbeat Tidal which takes elements from minimalism but with Wijnands personal touch of airy production and melodic composition. The songs on °»Continuum°… have a strong melancholic and very appealing quality to it, which can be heard especially on the songs °∆Remember°«, °∆First Memory°« and °∆Within°«. The further you listen to this album, the stronger it°«s emotions become with songs like °∆You Were Bigger Than Life°« and the delicate °∆Don°«t Worry, It°«s Okay°« which could easily be the main theme of a Ridley Scott science fiction movie. Highly recommended.

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