Best Record Italy




A. "Watching You" (5:04)
B. "Watching You" (version) (4:52)

Backatcha continues to unearth and reissue Brit-Funk gold. This obscurity from Oneness, a Leicester-based roots reggae band who were persuaded to record and release a lone Brit Funk single, could well be their most potent discovery yet. 'Watching You' is typical of that era of post jazz-funk Brit-funk, with spacey synth sounds, sweet male and female vocals, clipped guitar licks and rubbery bass riding a two-step, electro-influenced groove. As was the case on the hard-to-find original 12", it comes backed by a terrific, dub-influenced 'Version' that layers up the sax and synth sounds while allowing the original groove a chance to breathe. In a word: essential!

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