010 EP



A1 010A1 5:46
A2 010A2 4:55
B1 010B1 4:34
B2 010B2 6:08

Four years and ten releases later we can say that Apparel Wax -the vinyl-faced hero- has been able to always renew itself and its sound because, as our manifesto says, we try not to submit to any genre. We wanted every release to be the outcome of a long research through uncommon sounds and APLWAX010, yet again, is an unidentified sonic object picked up by our radar. The last one though! We didnt plan it, we just felt like the time has come -eventually- to close this beautiful chapter. More than one factor led us to take this decision: the progressive concern about the planet (therefore the impossibility to keep producing plastic bags and gadgets), the desire to leave at our peak and to invent something new are just two of them. The constant process behind the renewal of our sound -which we embraced ten years ago with the birth of Apparel Music- sometimes passes through hard choices and we need to feel again that sensation of void in order to create something fresh, different, as we did when we started Apparel Wax. We wont drag our masked hero to a point of sonic stagnation. Wed like to send you all a big greeting and a heartfelt thanks for every second of your time spent listening to Apparel Wax, it literally meant the world to us. What was initially just a bold idea became a musical reference point for many people around the world, and we will be forever grateful to yall because, without you, it would have never been possible. Finally, a huge thanks to all the artists involved in the project. They contributed with their art to a bigger cause, the biggest: music. YOU are the true masked heroes, you are Apparel Wax. As for us, well live on and our sound too. Our ideas, our passion and dedication for the one and only thing that really makes us happy will never die. Something new will always come on our end because thats our purpose, our philosophy. Manman, what a journey has been, now on to the next one! Now lets talk about the record. The journey starts with 010A1, a hypnotic, rhythmic Lo-Fi club bomb with a pressing bassline and a hint of Funk (which never hurts); it keeps going with 010A2, an unclassifiable percussive journey exploding in a calm furor of congas and mellow melodic notes. 010B1 is a straight out of the Amazon jungle banger filled with tribal sounds, spacey pads and Brazilian sonic details like cuicas and tamboras; a compelling rhythmic dagger. The record spins to its end with 010B2, a track with various sonic moods: the foggy harmonies and melodies driving towards sinister atmospheres and the solid beat keeping it attached to the ground. The final ambiguous musical touch to this EP full of new things to listen to. Release date > 10th of September 2021.

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