SECOND WAVE (2LP) -pre-order-


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A1. MR TC - "Phosphorus" (3:51)
A2. Patricia Kokett - "PSY" (6:17)
A3. Eylul Deniz - "Distance" (4:44)
B1. BXP - "In Un Altro Loop" (6:18)
B2. A Hand - "Dogma" (6:59)
B3. Houschyar - "Certronos" (5:33)
C1. La Serpiente - "Her Soul Is Trapped In The Desert" (6:46)
C2. Wang Inc - "Dissesto" (5:27)
C3. Ambassadors - "Astra" (5:39)
D1. Big Hands - "Nothing Spoiled It" (7:13)
D2. UVB76 & Sacred Lodge - "Euqda" (5:07)
D3. Eva Geist & Steve Pepe - "Mediator" (4:18)

Random Numbers is proud to present its newest V.A. release, the most ambitious to date, which sees the contributions of 16 producers close to the label and kindred to the sonic quest Random Numbers has been pursuing since 2015. “Second Wave” is the organic continuation of the journey initiated with the V.A. Parallel Routes, released at the beginning of the 2020 lockdown. This collection of 12 tracks - like the 12 months that have just passed, delivers a multi-faceted testimony of our experience with the pandemic, translating feelings of absence, desire and necessity into a mind-bending sound exploration. Despite crossing a wide range of tempos and genres, a common thread is found in the mystic, trippy and ritualistic atmospheres that populate this release. The metamorphic nature of each track continuously surprises the ears, blurring the boundaries between heady listening experience and dance floor bliss.

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