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1 Dimmi Bello
2 Dimmi Bello (Ermes Version)

Francesco Varanzano, the composer, told me how ¡ÈDimmi Bello¡É was born. The song had the initial title: ¡ÈDimmi bella donna cosa vuoi¡É. The inspiration for the writing of the text was born from reading an old book. It was an ancient text that spoke of vanity. In this song the narcissism and the domination of the patriarchy is reflected. Between the notes of a plectrum and the ink of a pen, a timeless poem was written by Francesco and sung by the sweet voice of Lucia. ¡ÈDimmi Bello¡É was written in 1986 and is re-printed today after 35 years with the very kind permission of two wonderful people who have dedicated their lives to music and love of neighbor, Francesco and Lucia.

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