BLAKMUZIC EP -pre-order-


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A BlakMuzic
B Transgressions

In these challenging times music can serve a higher calling. In divisive and turbulent times music has always been a vehicle for change. Anthony feels responsible for raising awareness, promoting and celebrating our cultural influence in dance music & pop culture. It is often an undercurrent that is seldom properly heralded. For decades black music has wielded the power to direct the thinking and the behavior of others in these genres. Anthony feels compelled to release music that answer the need, and that is relevant to the times we find ourselves living in. BlakMuzic is a powerful statement of intention and speaks to those values. Confrontational Tribal Black Techno featuring agnostic and bellicose vocal samplings reminiscent of Romanthony’s Testisfy meets Warrior’s Dance. Circularmotion is back with this banging ep from Mr. Anthony Nicholson brought forth on the previously unreleased format of vinyl. The BLAKMUZIC EP is purely a dancefloor delite and a dj’s weapon of peac

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