A1 Sacha Hladiy & Paul Behnam ? Abyss
A2 Romain Azzaro ? Chloe's Dream Machine I
A3 Romain Azzaro ? Chloe's Dream Machine Ii
A4 Romain Azzaro ? Chloe's Dream Machine Iii
A5 Paul Behnam ? Strat My Love
A6 Sacha Hladiy ? Solstice D”­Hivert
B1 Nicolai Johansen & Ruth Mogrovejo ? Catharsis
B2 Sacha Hladiy ? Grasshopper
B3 Paul Behnam , Joao Comazzi, Sacha Hladiy ? From Carnival To Quarantine
B4 Ruth Mogrovejo ? The Black Curtain
B5 Paul Behnam & Sacha Hladiy ? Tente Natalie

LP - Territory WW: EXCL: FRance After a long hiatus, Romain Azzaro is reactivating his Rouge Mécanique Musique imprint with an exciting collaborative project, exploring new musical territories. As the world started to flip on its head early in 2020, a quintet of musicians formed in Berlin : Paul Behnam (guitar), Sacha Hladiy (grand piano), Nicolai Johannsen (vibrating metal plates), Ruth Mogrovejo (viola), and Azzaro himself (zither) recorded their first album over 3 months in Azzaro”Ēs living room, studio and basement. In Hladiy”Ēs words, ”Ča magical musical circus". The collision of these different personalities and sensibilities makes Colours Of Now a singular, spontaneous and inimitable object, exploring neoclassical, ambient and experimental music. ”ČRomain had a wide open vision for a brand new project, connecting musicians from different horizons,”É says Paul Benham, ”Ča lot of different processes and beautiful vibrations were shared at this moment in his place.

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