label:FLOWER (JPN)


A. Dream Sunset (Single Edit)
B. Dream Sunset (Little Big Bee Remix)

The world's first analogue release of a superb chill-out work by veteran Korean DJ Jinwook, with a remix by Little Big Bee on the B-Side! DJ Jinwook, one of the most famous DJs in Seoul, producer of the famous DISCO SURF store in Seoul, and surfer, released the chill-out track ""Deam Sunset"" in 2020 only for local distribution in Korea, full of a sense of freedom. It is now finally available on 7" analog from Flower Records. It's a timeless song with a relaxed yet crisp drum and bass, a guitar that shimmers like a reflection of the setting sun, and an electric piano and flute that beautifully color the space. The B-Side features the first remix by Little Big Bee, who reunited after a long silence. DJ Jinwook is an underground DJ based in Seoul, Korea, who has been playing in Japan, London and other cities since 1999. In his twenties, he worked as a fashion model and advertising agent. After experiencing a plane crash on his way back from a business trip abroad, he decided to start DJing in earnest with his life motto, "Live life doing what you want to do. He has played at various venues from M2 and W Hotel in Seoul to Pistil, Mystik, and Midnight Seoul in Itaewon, as well as clubasia, Shibuya Club Ball, and DJ Bar Bridge in Tokyo. In 2006, he released a mix CD ""Eastronika Live Mix"" and in 2006, he participated in a compilation by IBADAN (NYC, USA). In 2020, he produced his own song ""Dream Sunset"". Currently, he is the president and resident DJ of Disco surf, a music lounge in Seoul, introducing the best of music to all comers. He also organizes the Sunday Afternoon Party called "Sunday Ongakkai" for all music lovers, creating a space for record diggers to share and work together with music lovers. He has always been at the forefront of the music scene in Seoul, and was one of the first DJs in Korea to start playing a genre-less style. He is the first DJ in Korea to start playing a genre-less style. He creates organic spaces by incorporating his experiences in nature, especially surfing and camping, into his music. His music resonates with the rich and quiet vibrations of nature, and is always filled with selections that appropriately reinterpret urban life and natural experiences.

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