artist:ANDY ASH




A1. Feels
A2. Truth Acid
A3. Let Love Shine
B1. Travelin
B2. Vacancy
B3. Make It Hot

Andy Ash brings you straight to Detroit, Chicago and New York with a blend of Disco, Garage, Acid and House. the label says : 13 years ago, while Jerome Derradji was Djing in Liverpool, he was approached by a young lad named Andy Ash. Andy handed Jerome a CD. It was so great that all the tunes ended up on °»Carnival De L°«Spirit°…, his debut D12°… for Stillove4music. In the last decade, Andy has been releasing critically acclaimed House and Disco 12°…s on some of the best labels on the planet such as On The Prowl, Delusions of Grandeur, Dessous, People Must Jam and many others. Finally on March 29th, Andy will drop °»Not At Home°…, his first (official) full length on Still Music. In more than a decade, Andy°«s production has matured and evolved. It is now more sonically subtle, superbly arranged and it seamlessly brings you straight to Detroit, Chicago and New York with the perfect blend of Disco, Garage, Acid and House. °»Not At Home°… is a fantastic DLP with 6 songs that showcase how much Andy has mastered his craft while staying true to his roots. This is how real house music sounds like. To top it off, Andy, who is also a fantastic painter, created his own artwork which perfectly matches his music. (Fans of Keith Haring will not be disappointed°ń.) With °»Not At Home°… Andy demonstrates maturity, creativity and talent. As usual, this release is limited to 500 copies on vinyl.

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