artist:G.B. & THE TRACKS


label:UNIDISC (CA)


A1. My Kind of Women (Remixed)
A2. Dance to the Music
A3. Chicken Stomp
B1. Dream Girl
B2. Steam Train
B3. Funky Flute
B4. My Kind of Woman (Original Version)

A top shelf electronic cosmic disco reissue here from the depths of Unidisc's impressive 40th anniversary vault. G.B. & The Tracks was the brainchild of Gerry Bribosia, an acclaimed Canadian musician, singer, disco producer and songwriter. While mainly a studio proposition, the outfit cut this singular long-player that contained enough forward looking and electronically inclined jams to impress the likes of Italian maestro Daniele Baldelli and his ilk who played selections from 'Dance To the Music' on the cosmic scene. You only have to listen to the LP closer 'My Kind Of Woman' to see how the enduring leftfield qualities and quirks of the music continue to inspire DJs, collectors and everyone else in-between since the records release in 1978. File under 'Space Disco Bombs'.

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