Crosstown Rebels

MAKING NEW FRIENDS (7inch) -pre-order-


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A: Making New Friends 01:59
B: Trippin' on the sounds 02:08

- $1000 Rare Groove and Modern Soul Classic reissued for the first time - Huge Deepfunk spin on the Flip. - Brand new Master Cut at Timmion Cutting Lab for the best sound. Athens of the North presents Jeanie Tracy's first and finest single "Making New Friends". Cut for Marvin HolmesOakland's BasedBrown Door Records around 1975. A Rare groove and Northern Soul Anthem of the highest order and rightly so. This record has rarely dipped below the $1000 mark as demand is so consistent. What has generally been overlook is that the flip "Trippin' On The Sounds" is a solid Deepfunk spin, I'm surprised I never heard anyone flip it over and hit the club, so please, sort it out. Not only is this a great record but Jeanie is a wonderful friendly warm woman who passion for music is as strong today as it was when this was cut 40 years ago!

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