MISSING YOU (LP) -pre-order-


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A1. "Missing You"
A2. "Mary's House"
A3. "Disco Blues"
A4. "Teddy Bear"
B1. "Love Rite"
B2. "Three Wise Men"
B3. "Uncle Sam"
B4. "Saturday"
B5. "God Bless The Soulfire People"
B6. "Come On With It"

New York soul/funk masterpiece released in 1976, reissued for the first time ever! ROBERT COTTER released "Missing You" on the cult label Tiger Lily Records in 1976, and because of its high quality and rarity, it is almost impossible to find the original. It's a masterpiece. Even if they were available, many collectors have cried because of the high price. Once you drop the needle, you will understand why it is a masterpiece. This album has a refreshing sound that can be linked to AOR and today's city soul, and the light rhythm in the funk manner will make you dance. The recording was done by The Big Apple Band, the predecessor band of CHIC, and the quality of the performance is excellent. Above all, ROBERT COTTER's smooth voice is a perfect match for the songs, and it reaffirms that this is truly a great album. It also comes with the original artwork, remastered and liner notes. A must have for soul music fans! Don't miss it!

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