artist:NEW BORN

GALAXY EP -pre-order-


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1 New Born - Galaxy
2 New Born - Galaxy (Space Rework by LD & RD)
3 Albion - Galaxy
4 Alexander Arpeggio - Galaxy

New Born is a group of four Italian immigrants who all lived in the area around Ulm/Bavaria. Primarily they sang more Italian songs and were more on the traditional side of Italian music. This record is a perfect example of what can happen when the drummer says °»Let°≠s jam°… to the musicians. The outstanding track °»Galaxy°… came out, the vibe of it is like an early piano house track and a hybrid of cosmic and disco. The original copy of the record is nowadays a highly requested collector°≠s item, that skyrocketed in terms of prices. Originally released as a 45 single in 1981 the record was pressed in a very small run. Try to find a unicorn it°«s easier. We decided not to do only a simple reissue of it, we asked the creme de la creme of cosmic disco to make us a new born version of the track °»Galaxy°…. Camp Cosmic aficionados °»Albion°… & °»Spacelexx°… are responsible for two mesmerizing versions of this song. On top, we pressed the whole record as a 12°Ū from the original master tapes.

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