Crosstown Rebels




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A1 D. Ren 1 - Female
A2 Bobby Wright - Sex Chants
B1 Faze 2 - House of LZ
B2 K Alexi - All Mine

Four rare, prime house cuts from the vaults of Ugly Music celebrating 25 years since the label first arrived on the scene. Following a lengthy hiatus Ugly is back with this four track EP all killer no filler. Selected DJ Feedback: Mr Beatnick - Don't Be Afraid / Fact mag - °»D-Ren 1 for me!°… Ken ( - °»H.O.U.S.E... mint°… Jaye ward - °»wicked!! got the OG's on vinyl so its really nice to have some of that renewed for now.. ace!°… Dean Muhsin - °»oh aye!!!°… Per Bojsen-Moller | per silverbeat - °»Excellent selection of some of the finer releases on Ugly and a reminder that quality never goes out of style.°… Bruce Tantum - The Lot Radio, THUMP, Mixmag - °»Well, this is exciting - a hearty 'welcome back' to one of my fave labels. Great that these classic cuts will now be heard by the young'uns.°… Sven fortmann - °»Female°» is pitch-perfect!°… PAUL COURTNEY – Point Blank FM - °»Fantastic to see UGLY music back. Some gems on here from some of House musics royalty.°… Mike Stukes - WHCR 90.3 FM / Harlem, USA - °»DAAAAMMMMNNNNNN!!!!°… More from Ugly Music D. Ren 1


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