label:B2 (GRC)


A1. "Onions" (feat Senah Gbessaya - Lee Anderson Endless Summer mix) (8:13)
B1. "Hello Rave" (5:22)
B2. "Basement Memories" (4:48)

Germany’s Peter Grummich has been releasing his twist on House and Techno over the past two decades via the likes of Shitkatapult, Kompakt, Spectral Sound, Mule Musiq and of course his very own Innerbird. Here though we see Peter deliver his latest works via Bengoa’s fledgling B2 Recordings, which sees him experimenting with some outboard classics like the classic Casio RZ-1 drum machine and the Roland JX8P synthesizer to create a raw, old school feel. Opening the package is title-cut ‘Onions’ the ‘Lee Anderson Endless Summer Mix’, laid out over eight minutes with hazy stab sequences, dusty drums and a chugging low-end drive while squelching acid licks subtly work their way into the latter stages of the for composition. ‘Hello Rave’ follows next on the flip-side, bringing airy dub chords, metallic stabs and gritty analogue percussion into the limelight for a groove-driven workout. ‘Basement Memories’ then rounds things out, this time bringing dynamically evolving, intricate drum patterns, resonant bleeps into focus atop and an underlying dubbed out aesthetic.


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