A1 Primordial Stance 6:00
A2 Mosquito Paranoia 5:04
B1 Ocean Hill Groove 6:46
B2 The Long Afternoon of Earth 3:21

The first release for Broad Channel is from label head Derek Russo, whose early immersion in house music and long-held love for techno come through in this four-track EP. Primordial Stance, as it’s named, offers techno with a twist; these tracks are leftfield in their approach and yet firmly rooted in a soulful, classic sound. The EP is both cohesive and fully dynamic, presenting a range of styles from rugged, acidic techno to entrancing ambient. With this EP it’s difficult to pick a standout; each track is distinctive and able to hold its own, offering multitudes to the release as a whole. A through-line is felt in Russo’s original production style, marked by twists and departures that feel original, creating perpetual elements of surprise. Whether introducing new rhythmic structures mid-groove, incorporating raw percussion, or peppering a track with an organic element (i.e. bird sounds) as in the house-infused gem “Ocean Hill Groove”, Russo knows how to keep listeners engaged. “Primordial Stance”, the title track, is a prime example of this interesting layering: metallic percussion and a submerged bassline give way to claps and a hypnotic vocal sample, before ushering in a Recondite-style acid line. “Mosquito Paranoia” is a gritty dance floor requiem, in which crazed synth arpeggiation induces the kind of madness one expects from only the best warehouse parties. A similar kind of synth work is adopted for the send off track, “Long Afternoon of Earth” — a beatless arrangement that rounds out the release and encourages deep listening. These tracks expand and unfurl as they progress, until both ear and body are utterly hooked. Absolutely one for the collection.

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