label:RDV MUSIC (FR)


A1: Flying Dub
A2: Way u Jack
B1: Whispers
B2: Whispers (Cosmin TRG remix)

1994 by French artist Continental and backed by a remix from Cosmin TRG. Amrboise Boret is a French engineer, mixer and producer located in Paris who released material under various guises from the nineties through to the early 2000s. Here we see his Continental moniker brough back into the limelight, highlighting a selection of material from the Pushin' It Up EP on Alliance Records. Up first is Flying Dub, as the name would suggest a dub-infused excursion through gliding chord sequences, snaking bass licks and bright string sequences while swinging analogue drums dynamically evolve throughout. Way U Jack follows, introducing a more Chicago leaning attitude rhythmically alongside low-pitched vocal murmurs, fluttering dub chords and a bumpy bass line. Title-track Whispers follows on the b-side next, employing ethereal atmospherics, flute like synth melodies, organ bass tones and crunchy, shuffled percussion. Rounding out the EP Cosmin TRG reworks Whispers, offering a contemporary twist on the original with intricately programmed drums, subtly nuanced introductions of the originals atmospherics, winding low-end pulsations and an overall ornate, dynamic feel.


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