Crosstown Rebels
artist:DENSE & PIKA


label:BMG (UK)


A1. Hidden (feat. Igor Cavalera)
A2. Honey (feat. Matthew Dear)
B1. Slender
B2. Jante
C2. Wisdom of Crowds
D1. Control (feat. Leftfield)
D2. Oxbow

As Dense & Pika, Alex Jones and Chris Spero have garnered an enviable reputation for making devastating club ordnance that finds the sweet spot between dark, mysterious house and roaring, brawny techno. With over a decade of material under their belt, Jones and Spero are set to release their first studio length debut album, °∆Colour Burn°« via London major imprint BMG on 4th December, home to the likes of Leftfield, The Prodigy, Holy Ghost and Faithless. °∆Colour Burn°« is a 13-track composition crossing through downtempo house and electronica, built as a conceptual sonic representation of the pair°«s live audio and visual set up. The album is a step away from harder and faster material and a move towards a more leftfield sonic trajectory, featuring a handful of impressive heavyweight features of Jones & Spero°«s musical heroes who have informed the Dense & Pika output. Released today, album moment °∆Honey°« features the master of sensual, slow-burn techno, Matthew Dear whose contribution to °∆Honey°« arrives in vocal form – a breathy, brooding ensemble of spoken word that glues perfectly with the duo°«s trademark rough and textured sound palette. It helps turn what Alex calls °»a headsy, dusty piece of housey tech°… into something sensual and otherworldly. Dark and smouldering, it seems to the suck the air out of the room like a tightly packed subterranean dancefloor deep in the throes of night. Glitched out percussion and fizzling hi-hats feel caustic against the track°«s low-end frequencies. The thumping bassline and kick drum combination delivers punch and pressure to the mix in a true Dense & Pika format. Matthew°«s sauntering vocal contribution guides the track into a deep and hypnotic groove well equipped for any late-night excursion. °»The boys sent over a lengthy jam, but there was that simple loop that stood out and had me hooked. I put it on repeat and let the mind and pen wander. It°«s a bit of cosmic abandonment, brazenly sung by a professional of the night.°… Matthew Dear Elsewhere on the LP, standout track °∆Hidden°« features the drums of Sepultura°«s legendary metal icon Igor Cavalera resulting in a fabulous frenzy of percussion and driving rhythm. The equally momentous and unforgettable °∆Control°« features the heavily robotic vocoder of Leftfield°«s Neil Barnes aiding and abetting in its quest to be a high-octane, twisted rave jam. The impressive features on °∆Colour Burn°« are an insight into the hugely artistic and visionary A&R skills of Alex and Chris and the start of a new chapter for Dense & Pika kicking off with the long-awaited release of their first studio length album.


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