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A1. Terri Whodat - "Get Out Of There" (7:57)
A2. Poseidon Neptune - "Saht Nam" (3:27)
B1. Meftah - "Ur Utility" (6:59)
B2. John Silas - "9th Creation" (feat John Barera - short mix) (4:14)

Thomas Xu's Steady Flight Circle cruises to a third release here and calls upon a fine band of talents to contribute one track each under the title of Friends & Mentors. He says of the EP "it features the gifts and talents of individuals who I look up to and honestly enjoy the company of." Terri Whodat kicks off with a heavily rooted and mid-tempo deep house track with a candle-lit vibe and gentle pianos while 'Saht Nam' is a cosmic affair with reflective chords over prickly beats. The flip side then gets super zoned out a dreamy with Meftah and jazzy tinged thanks to the great Rhodes work on '9th Creation.'

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