label:BE WITH (UK)


A1. Here I Am Baby (Come And Take Me)
A2. Everything I Own
A3. Green Grasshopper
A4. Play Me
A5. Children At Play
B1. Sweet Bitter Love
B2. Gypsy Man
B3. There°«s No Me Without You
B4. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
B5. I Just Don°«t Want To Be Lonely
C1. Mark My Word
C2. The First Cut Is The Deepest
C3. Melody Life
C4. Work And Slave
C5. Working To The Top (My Ambition) (Part 1)
C6. Don°«t Let Me Down
C7. Band Of Gold
D1. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
D2. I See You, My Love
D3. It°«s Too Late
D4. Baby If You Don°«t Love Me
D5. Love Walked In
D6. When Will I See You Again
D7. Play Me (Part 2)

Worldwide no exceptions 140g vinyl, remastered, double LP with the original LP along with a second record of 14 rare tracks Sweet And Nice is the vital debut album from Jamaica°«s undisputed first lady of song Marica Griffiths. It°«s reggae at its most soulful. Slinking through a tight ten tracks of R&B and pop-sourced material, it became an instant best seller. 45 years after its initial release the LP is available again on vinyl, now as a double LP, with an extra record collecting 14 rare tracks. Sweet And Nice has appeared over the years with a revised running order and under different titles. But the original°«s opening sequence of loping soul is legendary, even beyond reggae circles. These songs are now returned to how they were presented on that first Jamaican release, and under their intended album title. Be With doesn°«t mess with magic. Marcia°«s version of °»Here I Am (Come and Take Me)°… has long been lusted after, played by genre-hopping selectors to snapping necks for decades now. It°«s followed by the sophisticated, rollicking wah-wah funk of °»Everything I Own°… and the slice of smooth lovers soul par excellence that is °»Green Grasshopper°… and her ace, lilting Neil Diamond cover °»Play Me°…. The thundering, humid funk of °»Children At Play°… °»sounds uncannily like a precursor of Massive Attack°…, as FACT Mag astutely noted when they put Sweet And Nice at number 16 in their list of the 100 best albums of the 1970s. Otherworldly, moody and essential. Side two keeps the fire burning. °»Sweet, Bitter Love°… should leave you swooning, and is also one of the album°«s alternate titles. Curtis Mayfield°«s already-eternal °»Gypsy Man°… is up next, recast as proto-lovers rock. °»There°«s No Me Without You°… is elevated to canonical status by the majestic, forlorn horns of the Federal Soul Givers and Marcia°«s heartbreaking delivery. And if this doesn°«t get you then surely the next track will: arguably the definitive version of Ewan MacColl°«s °»The First

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