label:SOUS (GER)


A1 Where Is Your Soul
A2 Where Is Your Soul (Stephen Brown Remix)
B1 Save Our Soul
B2 No Borders

I have been in love with the Detroit sound of techno since forever, so when I discovered Subradeon, I was immediately struck by the soul and energy of their music. I have been lucky enough to get to know Giuseppe and Salvatore over the last year and so it was always a dream for me to have them release a record together on Sous. Now this is happening, I couldnt be more excited. They have made three spectacularly good tracks that I know will last forever in my heart, and hopefully in yours too opens Anja. Sous has been drip feeding us top line releases all year long, despite the world coming to a standstill, Anja believes that continuing to release music is important to keep spirits high. She has been showcasing some of the newer talent from around the globe alongside some household names including Marcus Suckut, Fort Romeau and Mella Dee to the last release from Italian duo Reform. October brings Subradeon. Hailed as the new school of the techno scene, they might have grown up in the Neapolitan underground scene, but their sound has become a melting pot of influences from their current home town of Berlin and the duos self- confessed spiritual home of Detroit. Giuseppe Salone and Salvatore Lannotta deliver their debut release Breaking Down Borders on Sous, compromising of their characteristic raw soul, profound meaning and energetic purpose. This package includes a remix from Techno pioneer Stephen Brown (Djax Records, Transmat, Music Man).

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