A1 Hangin' On a String - Frankie Knuckles Club Mix
B1 Hangin' On a String - Frankie Knuckles Classic Club Reprise
B2 Hangin' On A String - Original 12 Inch Mix

Take a much-loved UK soul gem, Loose Ends classic from °∆85 °∆Hangin°« On A String°« and hand it to the godfather of house, Frankie Knuckles to work his unquestionable magic and there was no doubt the result would be a slice of house music heaven. South Street Records unlock the vaults once again, reissuing this melding of transatlantic minds presenting a triple threat that sees both Frankie°«s 1992 Club Mix and the elusive Classic Club Reprise sit alongside the Loose Ends Original 12 Inch Mix, on either side of a 12 inch. Taking the best of London°«s soul and coupling it with the heart of Chicago, the master Frankie Knuckles purrs this one out across the highways with a slung-back house interpretation of °∆Hangin°« On A String°«. A bumping beat, punchy bass line and effortless percussive touches give the perfect platform for Loose End°«s vocal dynamics to provide a power, emotion and sincerity often lacking in modern dance music. Flip it over to find the Classic Club Reprise - straight up sunset business with Frankie side-lining the vocals to let the instrumentation sing with added trademark flourishes in true spiritual style. Finally, the Original 12 Inch Mix gets a well-deserved inclusion which, back in 1985 was a true game changer bridging a multiplicity of scenes in the UK with its use of drum machines and synthesizers whilst maintaining that pure soul vibe. A track that topped the US Billboard R&B chart, making Loose Ends the first ever British band to do so, it°«s a UK soul classic drenched in drum machine hits, soaring synths and crunchy guitar licks that°«s infused with an °∆80s electro style and a quintessentially London flavour.


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