MARCHING IN TIME 3 -pre-order-


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A1. "The Atlantic Swimmer" (3:53)
A2. "Far Away" (4:59)
B1. "Listen/Gimme More Lovin" (5:39)
B2. "I Speak Your Body Electric" (3:01)
B3. "Veena Via Video" (3:29)

The third volume of International Noise Orchestra archival dives from Emotional Rescue sees no let up in the dizzying, dazzling displays of visionary 80s production from this curious German-Algerian project. The fusion between bold and brash synths and samples with Jol Allouche's drumming is fluid throughout. On lead track 'The Atlantic Swimmer' the project sounds incredibly of its time but also utterly out of time and space in its futuristic outernational reverie. There's space for era-appropriate bombast on 'Listen/Gimme More Lovin', which shimmers with a new wave tint, while a rubbery b-line on 'I Speak Your Body Electric' almost hints towards acid in its fluid glides. Stellar, spellbinding stuff highly deserving of a second airing.

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