Best Record Italy




1 La Mosca (Original 45 Version)
2 La Mosca (Remastered 45 Version)
3 La Mosca (Unreleased Tape Version)

Disco Segreta brings you another most-desirable italian holy grail disco gem ! Originally released in 1979 as a 45 single on the tiny private label °»Papaya°…, °»La Mosca°… is the very first version of the °»Andromeda°… track, already reissued by Disco Segreta in 2015, but this sports completely different lyrics and is sung by a different voice, that of italian folk pop chanteuse Louiselle. Surprise ! The reissue 12°… will not only sport the original 45 vocal version, restored to its glory in two versions, but will also include a ***previously unreleased*** version found on the tape, with a completely different arrangement , °»fly°… sound effects and different lyrics. Both versions are directly taken from the analog masters.

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