Athens of the North




1.Strong 06:19
2.Fearless 04:09
3.Rise 01:01
4.I Just Want to Dance 04:21
5.Street Fighter 03:09
6.Son Shine 03:16
7.Rise Intently 00:50
8.The Beginning & the End 03:38
9.Free 05:05
10.You Know It Ain't 03:39
11.Uncomfortable 03:16
12.No Black Violins in London 01:28
13.Scary Times 03:39
14.The Black & Gold 03:04
15.Little Boy 03:53

Sault have an uncanny ability to seamlessly bring together sounds in their work, a blending of ideas and forms that would be challenging in theory, but in practice these ideas brilliantly complement and emphasize each other's best qualities. Effortlessly dancing between styles and genres, "Untitled (Rise)" is an album that is not only a celebration of Sault's exceptional musical gifts and talents, but also a celebration of the joy of music itself. Surely one of the best releases of 2020...

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