Athens of the North


label:CORDIAL (UK)


1.Sunshine (Come Back To Me) 04:12
2.Down in Love 03:44
3.Keepin' In Line 03:31
4.Everything's Gonna Be Alright 02:48
5.When The Morning Comes 02:49
6.Celestial Skies 04:16
7.Love Song 03:47
8.Us 02:56
9.Rainbow Rider 03:01
10.Oh Darlin Darlin 02:39
11.Power To See 03:00
12.If I'm Not Crazy 03:31
13.You Gotta Rock n Roll 04:41

Randy Mundy recorded his album °∆Celestial Skies°« in 1975 in Nashville, Missouri. The album remained previously unreleased on physical formats until Cordial Recordings released the collection of songs in 2020 on Vinyl and CD. The album itself is a beautiful sprinkling of Americano songs, blending a touch of blue eyed country soul with some good old AOR. Randy originally released 3 singles from the lost album, with °∆Sunshine (Come Back To Me)°« being the 45 that first brought Randy to our attention. The song itself features some luscious strings with a strolling summer lick and Randy°«s golden tones. The other singles were °∆If I°«m Not Crazy°«/°«Keepin°« In Line°« and °∆Love Song°«/°«Rainbow Rider.°« This is a bit of a departure from our usual stream of releases but we truly believe that the album is a collection of timeless songs that needs to be heard by a wider audience.

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