label:REKIDS (UK)


A1. RND009
B1. RND007 (Dub Mix)
B2. RND004

Enigmatic producer RNDTXTR debuts on Rekids with a deep techno three tracker entitled°∆Random EP°« this September. °»Some tracks just stick with you. They never leave your box, or in this case USB, and I°«ve been playing these tracks from RNDTXTR for well over two years. Everywhere from Tokyo to Berlin. These have a universal appeal, being hypnotic and just the right balance between pushy club sounds and spatial melodies°… - Radio Slave Shrouded in murky atmospherics, °∆RND009°« opens the package with rigorous drums, shuffling shakers, sweeping pads and scintillating synths. °∆RND007 (Dub Mix)°« continues with a similar cantering rhythm as various rattling percussive elements work alongside clever automation for a tracky cut designed to lock listeners into a trance. Concluding matters, °∆RND004°« is the wonkiest number on the package with its syncopated groove and otherworldly melody.

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