Best Record Italy
artist:VOX POPULI!


label:PLATFORM 23 (UK)


A1. "Trois Gouttes De Sang" (3:01)
A2. "Guilane Djane" (0:41)
A3. "Be Hedayat I" (3:47)
A4. "Avaze Djodayi" (2:41)
A5. "Gachtam" (2:19)
A6. "Omid" (2:33)
A7. "Shamgah" (2:18)
B1. "Myscitisme I" (2:12)
B2. "Delome" (5:14)
B3. "Be Hedayat II" (2:23)
B4. "Myscitisme II" (2:53)

Billing themselves as an ethno-industrial outfit, French group Vox Populi! have more in common with the German kosmische movement than the sound of their own fair land. They came from serious stock, including Axel Kyrou's mother who was a musique concrete pioneer at GRM, which set them up to make a bold and challenging debut album Myscitismes, originally released on their own Vox Man label in 1985. Combining advanced studio manipulation and liberal FX treatments with a pastoral folk thrum, motorik synth work and a heavy dose of pan-continental mysticism, they created a stunning and forward-thinking work that sounds shockingly relevant in the here and now. Finally reissued after more than 30 years, now is the perfect chance to grab this trailblazing slice of sonic sorcery.

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