あの日のように微笑んで/ほろ酔いイヴ (7 inch)

label:LIGHT MELLOW 和モノ45 (JPN)



This is the first single cut from "Emerald Shower" (1978), which has been remarkably re-evaluated by the city pop side. The song was written and arranged by Yasunori Sorye, a pop craftsman, and mixed with the essence of Kan Inoue. Even so, there is not a little bit of stain in a clean and fresh characteristic. The idea of "Bittersweet Eve" is now available. (Toshikazu Kanazawa) [Light Mellow Japanese 45] In the midst of the unprecedented city pop boom, we collaborated with diskunion to reissue twelve analog 7-inch singles from 2015 and 2004 in a series called "Light Mellow Japanese Mono 45". For the first installment, we've selected four sets of beautiful female vocalists, including two previously unreleased songs by Noriyo Ikeda, which were never included on the album, as well as some previously unreleased songs from the CD era. All of the selections are not only floor-friendly, but are also gems that you can enjoy listening to with a sense of luxury. This is a line-up of gems that includes Christmas songs.

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