Crosstown Rebels




A1 In the Building 6:07
A2 Chicken with Waffles 6:10
B1 Ana's F Is Chillin 6:41
B2 Japanese Indian Shrimp Curry 5:03
B3 Rebirth of Gerberdaisy 6:07
C1 Luam Has Found Her Z 6:55
C2 Wind Tunnel 6:29
D1 The Force Is Going Backwards 6:22
D2 D to the A Train 6:05
D3 Aci Is with Her A 5:57

Produced by Maurice Fulton °»An Original Dr. Scratch Mix°… Written by Maurice Fulton except for °»Japanese Indian Shrimp Curry°… & °» D To The A Train°… written by Jimi Tenor and Maurice Fulton. Publishing by Buttrubb Music. Recorded and Mixed at BubbleTease Communications, Sheffield UK. Players Maurice Fulton, bass drums keyboards guitars Shamisen and percussion Jimi Tenor flute and percussion on °»Japanese Indian Shrimp Curry°… and Flute on °»D To The A Train°… Special thanks. God,Mutsumi, Joi, Mim Suleiman, Danae, Sarah Ellison, Nelson Vercher, Karo Brandi, Jason Kincade & Paul, Luciana Galindo, Chantress, Michele Holcombe, Mona Diallo, Birgit Boogie, Mario & Soley, Naoka Fukumoto & Emi, Dj Nori, Dj Jnett, Cat Soulcat, Marcellus Pittman, Peggy Gou, Fiona Thwaites ,Lloyd , Dj Hogi, Rita Marmor, Abby Alvarez Kelly Cooke Tony Humphries and Tika.

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